Photographs by Cailean Neal, a Norwich street photographer

People in their Environments

My street photography is neither clean or particularly sharp, but I hope that it is sufficiently graphic to impart an essential humanity to anyone who happens upon them. I'm not trying to change the world, I'm just showing you my point of view of it. None of my pictures are perfect, they're just an impression of something very beautiful ... I hope !

Just My Point of View ...

Photographing people should be the easiest of creative processes, but it seems to fill the majority of photographers with a deep sense of dread. It is assumed that Street Photographers are a breed apart, somehow able to set aside their feelings of guilt and selfishness to get the shot.

If we didn't record life on our streets the only 'record' of human society would be television, books & films ... all of which are laden with bias.

  • A street photograph showing a man wheeling a bicycle.
  • A street photograph showing a woman and child. The woman looks back over her shoulder as her child pulls her forward.
  • A street photograph showing a man sitting quietly on some city centre steps. His eyes are glazed and he seems to be staring through the camera completely.

Street photography should never make you feel guilty, the reason it exists is to celebrate life on the streets and without photographers the street would just become another consumable, the memory of which would be constantly erased by time.

Street photographers are biographers, journalists and museum curators of human society ... and that is something to be very proud of.

We owe it to our fellows to properly portray their lives accurately. Success or failure, happiness or sadness, comfort or pain ... it's real life that matters.

  • A street photograph showing a bearded man wearing shorts and a teashirt on what was to be the last day of summer 2017.
  • A street photograph showing a man wearing an orange workman's jacket, making a telephone call while standing in front of a sign showing football betting odds for tonight's match.
  • A street photograph showing a girl sitting on steps, listening to music on her large headphones. She has a dreamy stare, which gives the impression that she is many miles away in her thoughts.

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Street Photography Day in Norwich

Cailean Neal,

Meeting at the Coach & Horses on Bethel St at 12 noon for a quick chat and then out to catch the lunchtime crowds.

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A street photograph showing a very colourful lady sat in a bus stop wearing purple and red with a very flamoyant hat.

My name is Cailean Neal, I am a 50 yr old street photographer with 35 yrs experience in carrying a camera. In my time I have explored many avenues of photography, including portraiture, landscape & abstract. I finally settled upon street photography because my eyes were failing and I wanted to develop a photographic technique that relied more upon instinct than age old photographic dogma.